1981 – EKSOY was established, and started as a textile chemical manufacturer, with a product range differing from desizing to finishing. The company also had dyestuff business.

1992 – EKSOY had made an agreement with KISCO, one of the foremost companies in South Korea, and had been the sole distributor for Turkey until present.

1997 – EKSOY & KISCO had established a joint-venture company, KIMSOY, the largest dyestuff manufacturing plant of Turkey.

2001 EKSOY Poland is founded in Lodz, Poland.

2006 – With making more than half of Turkey’s reactive dyestuff export alone, and being one of the 3 largest reactive Dyestuff distributor in Turkey with covering 22% of the Dyestuff industry, EKSOY had proved itself as being a leader in textile chemicals and Dyestuff manufacturer and distributor of Turkey.

2007 – Moving the headquarter of EKSOY to Cerkezkoy, where the majority of the Turkish textile factories are located. EKSOY has a warehouse of 4000 m² and a fully equipped customer laboratory and R&D laboratory in this location, to distribute our products more rapidly, and to give a fast and better service to our customers.

2011 First overseas production started in Lahore, Pakistan.

2012 EKSOY China, founded in Weifang, China.

2013 EKSOY India is under progress...