EKSOY has been established in 1981 in order to provide auxiliaries to textile industry. The company reached an intercontinental position with 9 local and abroad laboratories, manufacturing units in Pakistan and India and service locations in Ethiopia and China.The company became one of the leader companies in dyestuff business by agency agreement with Kisco, the biggest dyestuff manufacturer of South Korea in 1992. This fruitful relation brought joint venture foundation, Kimsoy in 1997 for manufacturing dyestuffs in Adana Industrial zone. EKSOY had proved itself as a leader company in textile chemicals and dyestuff market as a result of these investments. EKSOY has become one of the 3 largest reactive Dyestuff distributors in Turkey with covering 22% of the Dyestuff industry and exporting more than 50% of Turkey’s reactive dyestuff.

EKSOY has a warehouse of 2600 m² in Cerkezkoy to distribute the products more rapidly, and a fully equipped customer service and R&D laboratory in this location to give better and just in time service to our customers. R&D Department has moved to modern building in Adana Industrial Zone in 2014. The laboratory is supposed to upgrade service quality with high technology devices and advanced technicians with masters and PHD degrees. Our company aims to sustain competitiveness in local and abroad markets by manufacturing high value added products and services; to minimize the external dependence; to increase employment and to maximize contribution to economy.


Our mission is to recover the Turkey’s dependence from foreign countries in the chemical sector with providing qualified special products and to maintain stability continuity in the market with our R&D potential and participation of all our personnel.


Our vision is to provide and continue the success we gained in the domestic market with our strong finance, R&D superiority and our dynamic staff, as well as in the international field and to create a firm serving to different sectors globally.