Unisoft KHD

* Cationic softener for colored for goods. Fatty acid condensation product.

Unisoft NWH

* Nonionic softener fo White goods.

Unisoft OBO

* Pseudo cationactive softener for colored and whites. Non yellowing. Better softener as compared to Unisoft NWH.

Unisoft TWL

* Hydrophilic polysiloxane softener.

Unisoft MCS new

* Reactive, amino functional softener.

Unisoft NPE

* Nonionic, high density polyethylene emulsion.

Unisoft MCS 900

* 9 times concentrated version of Unisil MCS new. Cost effective.

Unisoft MCS NLP - W

* Macro/nano silicone emulsion, Impar resilient, soft and surface slippery effect.


* Cationic yarn lubricant. Synergetic blend of fatty acid condensation product and polyethylene emulsion.


* Nonionic lubricant for White yarns.