Buffer for HT dyes.

 Liquid, dosable alkali buffer for reactive dyeing. NaOH and Na2CO3 free.

 Alkali buffer for reactive dyeing.

 Liquid alkali for cold pad batch system.

 Buffer for polyester dyeing.

 Chlorine fastness enhancer for reactive + direct dyes.

 Formaldehyde free color fixing agent, hydrophilic, redyeable.

 Formaldehyde free fixing agent for reactive. Exhaust efficient for rubine / turquoise.

 Formaldehyde free fixing agent for reactive dyes. (Pad / Exhaust) Efficient for rubine / turquoise.

 Formaldehyde Free Color Fixing Agen.

 Color fixing agent for reactive and direct dyes.

 Dispersing and leveling agent.

 Reactive dye levelling and dissolving agent.

 Formaldehyde Free Color Fixing Agen.

 Acidic soaping agent.

 Leveling Agent for Reactive RAPID DYEING.

 Flash Soaping Agent at Low Temperature.

 Fast after soaping agent. 4 – 5 fills even. In even very dark shades.

 Flash soaping agent at low temperature.

 Wet pick-up promoting agent in impregnation padders.

 Foam free crease preventing agent lubricant.

 Dispersing, migrating and leveling agent for micro-polyester.

 Multi-functional leveling and dipersing for microfibers and conventional polyester fibers.


 One-step scouring and dyeing of greige cotton.

 Efficient dye and optic stripper for cotton and viscose.

 Efficient dye and optic stripper for cotton and viscose.

 Silicate Free Peroxide stabilizer for continuous process.

 Reactive Turquoise dye solubilizer, polyester masking agent, during reactive dyeing.

 Reserving chemicals for polyester fiber in reactive dyeing, specially black, turquoise, blue.

 Antimigrating agent for pad dyeing.