Buffer for HT dyes.


      Liquid, dosable alkali buffer for reactive dyeing. NaOH and Na2CO3 free.

      • BUFFERON R11

        Alkali buffer for reactive dyeing.

        • BUFFERON PB

          Liquid alkali for cold pad batch system.

          • BUFFERON 4555 NEW

            Buffer for polyester dyeing.

            • COLORFIX CLOR

              Chlorine fastness enhancer for reactive + direct dyes.

              • COLORFIX NF 200%

                Formaldehyde free color fixing agent, hydrophilic, redyeable.

                • COLORFIX NF 201

                  Formaldehyde free fixing agent for reactive. Exhaust efficient for rubine / turquoise.

                  • COLORFIX NF 2PE

                    Formaldehyde free fixing agent for reactive dyes. (Pad / Exhaust) Efficient for rubine / turquoise.

                    • COLORFIX NOF

                      Formaldehyde Free Color Fixing Agen.

                      • COLORFIX RD

                        Color fixing agent for reactive and direct dyes.

                        • DISPERSAN WS PWD

                          Dispersing and leveling agent.

                          • EKSEGAL RE-B

                            Reactive dye levelling and dissolving agent.

                            • EXOLINE 3027

                              Formaldehyde Free Color Fixing Agen.

                              • EXOLINE 4000 WEL

                                Acidic soaping agent.

                                • EXOLINE FAST

                                  Leveling Agent for Reactive RAPID DYEING.

                                  • EXOLINE MAGIC 3M

                                    Flash Soaping Agent at Low Temperature.

                                    • EXOLINE MAGIC 4M

                                      Fast after soaping agent. 4 – 5 fills even. In even very dark shades.

                                      • EXOLINE MAGIC M

                                        Flash soaping agent at low temperature.

                                        • EXOLINE MAGIC PAD

                                          Wet pick-up promoting agent in impregnation padders.

                                          • EXOLINE MAGIC AC

                                            Foam free crease preventing agent lubricant.

                                            • EXOLINE MAGIC ERN

                                              Dispersing, migrating and leveling agent for micro-polyester.

                                              • EXOLINE MAGIC YRN

                                                Multi-functional leveling and dipersing for microfibers and conventional polyester fibers.

                                                • EXOLINE MAGIC YRN EST

                                                  EXOLUBE YRN EST

                                                  • NOBLEACH N WEL

                                                    One-step scouring and dyeing of greige cotton.

                                                    • OPTI-FADE

                                                      Efficient dye and optic stripper for cotton and viscose.

                                                      • PERSTAB PR-1

                                                        Efficient dye and optic stripper for cotton and viscose.

                                                        • PERTONE PR

                                                          Silicate Free Peroxide stabilizer for continuous process.

                                                          • PESCLEAN

                                                            Reactive Turquoise dye solubilizer, polyester masking agent, during reactive dyeing.

                                                            • PESCLEAN 2B

                                                              Reserving chemicals for polyester fiber in reactive dyeing, specially black, turquoise, blue.

                                                              • THERMODYE AMC

                                                                Antimigrating agent for pad dyeing.