Product Development Partnerships (PDP)

Research and Development is the key field at EKSOY for embracing the changing needs of customers which as being part of worldwide changing dynamics and technological influences.

We have been always targeting to built- up long-run Product Development Partnerships with our customers as we have considered the challenges facing them. They can be part of our innovations to understand our acceleration towards the technologies we develop. Today, we have been continuing to move forward in a partnership to face challenges, develop suitable products and solutions by achieving beyond the expectations.

With our customers, mutual benefits are grown by joint efforts. The developments keeps being one our one of main structure and continue to be part of our programmes every year.

“We believe in deep collaboration and cross pollination in order to innovate in a way others cannot”

Collaboration has been playing intensively active role in our business. Our collaborations are gaining strength each day with companies within our group, customers, companies serving the same application markets, and many more.

Our primary passion and motivation is driven by our entrepreneurial spirit, creativity and innovation, cross-pollination within and outside applications we serve, embracing the new ideas and challenges, knowledge and unwavering trust to those we serve.