Biodegradable Sequestering, Dispersing Agent.

    • AMILAZ HT 250%

      High temperature desizing enzyme.

      • ANTISIL CONC 1

        Sequestering agent with peroxide stabilizing effect.

        • ANTISTAT PAY

          Antistatic blending oil for wool & acrylic fibers.

          • ANTISTAT MAY

            Sequestering agent for "SALTS AT THE BEGINING" dyeing processes.

            • BIOKILL NEW

              Enzymatic antiperoxide.

              • BIOPOLISH NL

                Neutral type cellulase for cotton biopolishing No shade change.

                • COMBIWET SPN

                  Universal scouring, degreasing, wetting and stabilizing agent, designed for dosing system.

                  • COTTOBLEACH WEL

                    Low pH and temperature bleaching agent.

                    • E WET ALL - IN NEW

                      E WET ALL- IN NEW

                      • E WET CNT NEW

                        Alkali stable wetting agent for CPB & pad steam bleaching.

                        • E WET ESC N

                          Nonionic wetting and de-aerating agent package dyeing and pad applications.

                          • E WET MRS

                            Wetting agent for mercerizing and caustic treatment.

                            • E WET NDG

                              Wetting and deacrating Agent for Indigo dyeing.

                              • E WET SH

                                No foam wetting agent for high speed jets.

                                • E WET TURQ

                                  E WET TURQ

                                  • EXOLINE FE CONC

                                    Iron and copper complexing agent at high pH.

                                    • EXOLUBE 2N

                                      Crease preventing agent with leveling dispersing and lubricants property.

                                      • EXOLUBE NC

                                        Crease preventing agent with leveling dispersing and lubricants property.

                                        • GRESOFF MEGA F

                                          Knitting Oil Remover, Foamless.

                                          • JETCLEAN

                                            Oligomer remover.

                                            • JETCLEAN OLG

                                              JETCLEAR OLG

                                              • PRE-BLANC

                                                Composite bleaching powder.

                                                • SKYBLUE

                                                  3 in 1, Bleaching compound.

                                                  • SKYBLUE SPECIAL

                                                    3 in 1, Bleaching compound.

                                                    • VISCOBLEACH

                                                      Bleaching agent for viscose color and white fabrics.

                                                      • VISCODYE

                                                        Viscose Sulphur Complexing Agent.

                                                        • GRESOFF 463

                                                          Örgü ve Dokuma Yağı Uzaklaştırma Maddesi

                                                          • ANTISIL MAY 1

                                                            Yüksek Alkali ve Sıcaklık İşlemleri için Kompleks Bağlayıcı

                                                            • E WET ESC

                                                              Bobin, Fular Boyama ve Hava Giderici

                                                              • ANTIFOAM OH CONC

                                                                Köpük Kesici

                                                                • COTTOBLEACH S

                                                                  Düşük pH’da Kasarlama Maddesi

                                                                  • E WET 205

                                                                    Pişirme ve Islatma Maddesi

                                                                    • E WET 104